The Hedgehog Program

As a business owner of The Hedgehog Program i am all sorts of things! I am a webmaster, a researcher, an advisor, a data analysist and much, much more. It’s a lot to do as one person, but it’s also very challenging and diverse. Not a single day is the same and due to it being all digital, i can work from any corner of the world, giving me a lot of freedom to travel and visit other enthusiasts!

Parttime webmaster

Aside from managing my own websites, i also maintain a few others on the side. One of them is from Regionieuws Hoogeveen. It’s a very low amount, because i don’t hae much time left. However, it gives me a nice change of view and an opportunity to learn even more!

Voluntary work

I’m a treasurer for Regionieuws Hoogeveen, which is a press website with 11 volunteers. But i also am the head webmaster of the website as well as voluntary pressphotographer, for which i often visit concerts, festivals and theater performances and other local events.